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i really love billy kaplan and other gay superheros ok. Im obsessed with comic books and marvel.
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help me i’m suuuuuuuper into cats liking bucky barnes completely against his will


"I promise you’re not going to want to go back. You’re going to be beautiful. You’re going to be flawless. You’re going to be the future.”


wolverine fisting you when suddenly


Production DesignGattaca (1997)


P U P P Y L O V E; whenever these gross sappy love songs come on the radio the rest of the team says “oh my god this song is about billy and teddy” // listen

01. the one you say goodnight to - kina grannis 02. you are the music in me - high school musical 2 OST 03. anything for you - ludo 04. puppy love - lana del rey 05. i love you 5 - nevershoutnever 06. trophy boy - reese lansangan 07. accidentally in love - counting crows 08. one week - berenaked ladies 09. you and i - ingrid michaelson 10. disconnected - 5 seconds of summer 11. puppy love - donny osmond 12. kiss me - sixpence none the richer 13. enchanted - owl city 14. perfect - boyce avenue

definitelynotsatan replied to your post: chirstopherevans replied to your post:…

oh my fucking god which issue do u have and how much do u want for it

i have 1,3,6,8,9,10,11 from the first run and my friend bought a bunch of them and is mailing them to me and im p sure theres some dups in there

chirstopherevans replied to your post: ive bought comics before so other peop…

next week on hoarders

i have a problem

ive bought comics before so other people cant buy them. i literally have the same issue of young avengers 3 times

I most certainly do still have the marvel paint by numbers

i know because i gave it to you